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¿What is Wachuma (San Pedro)?


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The San Pedro plant is a natural medicine of the Peruvian coast, an ancient ceremony passed on from generation to generation more than 4,000 years ago by the Chavin of Huantar culture.
The San Pedro ceremony has a duration of approximately 5 to 7 hours – depending on the individual healing process. The ceremony is conducted by an experienced shaman or spiritual guide.


¿What is Wachuma (San Pedro)?

The San Pedro plant is a natural medicine of the Peruvian coast, an ancient ceremony passed on from generation to generation more than 4,000 years ago by the Chavin of Huantar culture. The San Pedro ceremony has a duration of approximately 5 to 7 hours – depending on the individual healing process. The ceremony is conducted by an experienced shaman or spiritual guide.

Benefits of San Pedro

San Pedro opens up your heart and fills you with unconditional love – it allows you to truly love yourself and other human beings. It takes away stress and headaches, harmonizes your mind with your heart, your spirit, your soul, and your physical body. It connects you with nature and the spiritual world and opens you the doors of heaven. During the San Pedro ceremonies, you are conscious all the time; you will never lose consciousness. In fact, your senses are sharper than normal, meaning you can heal and purify in a conscious way.

Important diet before having the San Pedro Ceremonies in Cusco

If you wish to participate in a San Pedro ceremony, it is recommended to go on a diet for 1, 2 or 3 days before the ceremony. The diet should exclusively consist of fruits and vegetables. Meat, fish, citrus fruits, salt, sugar, fried foods, oil, butter, soda, cigarettes, marihuana, chemical medicines, alcohol or any other drugs are not recommended to take in at least 24 hours before the ceremony. Moreover, it is not recommended to have sexual relationships before the ceremony. Especially, the morning before the ceremony it is recommended to eat only two pieces of banana or apples and drink plenty of water. The day after the ceremony it is recommended to continue with the diet 1 or 2 days more because the San Pedro plant continues to heal. However, if you contaminate it, the healing cuts off.

Recommendations to obtain a good healing after the San Pedro Ceremony

Depending on the person and the problems to solve or goal sought, it is recommended to have a minimum of 3 continuous ceremonies of San Pedro to obtain a good healing. The first ceremony is about initiation, the second one about purification, and the third one is of illumination. In the first session you will begin to feel, listen and connect with your heart. You will also connect with your spirit and soul to remember your essence. You will begin to practice the Inca Bioenergetic Meditation, in which will clean and heal. You will learn to trust the Wachuma (San Pedro) plant and understanding its effects. Generally, the second ceremony is about purification with which you will begin to explore your inner-self. A great part of your physical and energetic body urges for evolution. You will begin to explore deeper questions and reach higher levels of consciousness and sharpen your senses. Finally, in the third ceremony you will have most probability to find the answer to all of your questions. You will also connect completely to your essence, your spirit and soul. With you physical and energetic problems healed, you will be completely enlightened. In order to prevent any problems during the Ayahuasca ceremony, the people who have one of the following conditions are not allowed to participate.
  • Someone that did not do the diet at least 24 hours before the ceremony
  • Pregnant women
  • People who suffer epilepsy
  • Schizophrenia or mental health patients
  • People seeking to get high or experiment

Where do Wachuma (San Pedro) ceremonies take place in Peru?

Wachuma (San Pedro) ceremonies are done in different areas of the country: Cusco, Pisac, the Sacred Valley of the Incas (various sacred sites), Machu Picchu and Manu. Where do the illnesses and negative spirits that people release during a Wachuma (San Pedro) ceremony go? During a Wachuma (San Pedro) ceremony, people may release illnesses from their physical bodies. They also may release negative spirits from their energetic bodies. Therefore, it’s very dangerous if a ceremony isn’t performed properly. If not performed properly, these energies can be set free and can enter other people, enter into animals or simply stay in nature. At a safe ceremony, the guide says a prayer invoking the Divine, Pachamama (Mother Earth) and pure love. Praying with all his or her heart and faith so all of the bad thoughts, feelings, emotions and illnesses are expelled. All of the bad things that leave a person are directed into the sacred fire, the divine fire, the love fire. This prayer channels the bad spirits towards the light so they get purified and enlightened. This way, the spirits and negative energies that emerge during a ceremony do not attach to any of the people present in the ceremony. And they also neither enter into any animal nor go free in nature.

Who can guide a Wachuma (San Pedro) ceremony?

We can all learn how to guide a San pedro ceremony. To guide a ceremony, a person has to have a learning path of aprox. 5 to 10 years. It does not matter if the person comes from a family of shamans or it is part of his life path to share Ayahuasca. The person that guides the ceremony has to heal his or her heart, spirit and soul completely. They have got to have inner peace and an open heart flowing pure and unconditional love. This way, the guide will be able to transfer all of the pure love from the inside, that is the true medicine. Vibrating that way, the guide is the channel of the medicine, channel of nature and the universe. All of this healing energy will be passed on during the ceremony to all participants through prayers and music medicine. This energy can also be transmited with the gaze, also with positive words, a good thought. Also, with a hug and the imagination. But the guide has to know the ancestral healing techniques and how to get a negative spirit out of a person. He or she has to know how to return the spirit or soul inside the people. On the other hand, they have to know how to protect the physical and energetic bodies of the people taking the medicine. The Ayahuasca plant opens up your physical body and energetic body and if you are not correctly protected, it can be very dangerous.

Who is the master of a ceremony?

Humans are energetic and spiritual beings, we are divinity. We are everything, the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, and the pure love of the universe. Nontheless, when we reincarnate, we hold different races, colours, genders and nationalities. As a consequence, we are all masters because we are all the same. First of all, the guide is only the channel for the energy of universal pure love to flow through the whole being. This energy is transferred during the ceremony in different ways, when we sing, when we pray, when we think and imagine. On the other hand, when the guide believes that he or she is the one that heals and purifies the people, he is forgetting the universal principle that teaches us, we are all the same. Thinking this way, will feed the ego. As a result, this vibration will not let the universal pure love flow during the ceremony or in his life.

Are the medicine music or ikaros important at a ceremony?

The medicine music or ikaros is very important during the ceremony of San pedro in Cusco. Music is the channel for people to connect in an easy way with their inner self, spirit and soul. The one that guides the ceremony has to sing medicine music or ikaros and play different instruments to accompany the ceremony. If the person that guides doesn’t sing and puts music on, he or she is not prepared to guide a ceremony, for this reason the San pedro ceremony won’t be real. The vibration of the music is the medicine of the universe. Actually, medicine music helps you to raise up. It opens up the doors of energetic paralel worlds for the understanding of life and the enlightment of your being.
  It includes:
  • Experience of  San Pedro
  • Plant Diet
  • 9:00 a.m. Meet in Cusco Ceremony temple
  • 10:00 a.m. Introduction to the ceremony and the effects
  • 10:20 a.m. Explanation about the Inca Energetic Meditation
  • 10:40 a.m. Andean cleansing and energetic protection
  • 11:00 a.m. Drink the San Pedro medicine
  • 3:00 p.m. Interpretation of the visions
  • 4:30 p.m. We finish the ceremony

Private ceremonies are booked 48 to 24 hours in advance and international ceremonies are booked 30 to 60 days in advance. After services are rendered, the guest can receive an itemized invoice or a proof of purchase in the form of a receipt. If the guest cancels 24 hours before services are rendered, s/he will have to pay 50% of the total value of the contracted services. If services are cancelled on the same day of the ceremony, s/he will have to pay the entire cost.

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