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What is San Pedro o Wachuma?

The San Pedro Cactus, also known as Wachuma, is a native cactus from the Andean mountains, especially from countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. For more than 4000 years, the San Pedro Ceremony has been a continuous tradition in Peru. In the old temple of “Chavin de Huantar” in the northern highlands of Peru, it was found a carving showing a shaman holding a San Pedro Cactus as a staff. This can show us how old and important was this cactus for our ancestors.

Archeological explorations have found remains that date back up to 10 000 years in Ancash (Peru). In the archeological complex “Huaca El Paraiso” in Lima, archeologists have found a cactus of the San Pedro family 30 centimeters in length, 4000 years old in a perfect state of preservation. San Pedro is also widely used as an ornamental plant. We can assume that San Pedro or Wachuma was used in the ceremonies that united the priests and the believers.

It has been used for spiritual ceremonies. It is said that San Pedro represents the masculine spirit of the mountains and the coast. Shamans or spiritual guides have been using San Pedro for divination in the Andes Mountains. After Peyote, San Pedro cactus contains the highest concentration of mescaline. Traditionally, it had an essential role in religious rituals between native Americans who believe that this substance has the ability to open the spirit. Also as an entheogen which enables psycho-exploration. Some people called San Pedro, Ayahuasca’s son. Because it is less dangerous.

Other use of Wachuma is as a powerful medicine. Many patients have claimed that this physical healing can include relief from such complex illnesses as diabetes, hepatitis, cancer, paralysis, joint problems, fever, high blood pressure, cardiac disease, and burning in the kidneys and bladder. However, it is crucial to say that only an experienced shaman can prepare the drink and conduct the ceremony without causing side effects. Wachuma is also said to be an antimicrobial agent that can inhibit at least 18 different kinds of penicillin-resistant bacteria.

Defenders of this medicine also frequently cite its ability to cure drug addiction and alcoholism. San Pedro or Wachuma reveals the underlying causes of these addictions by bringing elements of the subconscious mind to the attention of the conscious mind. San Pedro is a teacher of great compassion and understanding. It shows us how to live in balance and harmony. It gives us the path to learn how to love, respect and honor all living beings. It shows us that we are children of light, by being able to perceive this light within us. Each person’s experience will be unique, as we are all individual beings. Drinking San Pedro is a personal journey of self-discovery.

Many people advise that San Pedro should be taken orally, while the more daring do it via olfactory. However, it is best that you try it out so you can draw your own conclusions from the true effect of the brew preferred by the northern shamans, San Pedro. Among the natural medicines that are found in Peru and other Latin countries we find San Pedro, considered as one of the most natural medicines. Another aspect that we must emphasize is that this brew is not addictive, nor is it a drug.

It is incredible to find a medicine like this. Our ancestors knew the power of this cactus. Mother Nature is so wise that she has shown us a natural way to heal us and be in communion with her. We can free ourselves, not only from physical and addictive ills, but from spiritual sicknesses. As many say, the best treatment should be as natural as possible.


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