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Help to cure and purify the heart, mind, body, spirit and soul of everyone without discrimination of race, religion or belief. So that they can connect with their universal essence and mother earth, Pachamama.


To reach a shift in consciousness and a spiritual awakening in humanity, giving place to a physical, energetic and spiritual healing. Generating a community of more than one million people in the next 5 years.


We are part of the non-conventional journey, known as spiritual and healing tourism. Which employs traditional medicine and energetic healing techniques from the ancestral Peruvian culture. It is an alternative art of healing, specialized in travelers who are motivated to explore and connect with the essence and interact with the traditional medicine of the Andes and amazon villages. And like we know, Cusco and Machu Picchu combine special vibrations and magic. This place has consecrated as one of the best for this type of tourism, as the well-known Turkish site YENISAFAK points out.

Our spiritual leader and guide Joel Tello Vílchez, got his knowledge about the natural medicine since he was very young because of his grandparents, who always used this ancient art of healing. Joel travelled to the amazon of Perú, Colombia and Brazil where he had the opportunity to learn from spiritual masters who helped him find his way; assisting and helping hundreds of people in innumerable ceremonies. At the same time the medicine becomes his mission of life, he becomes a spiritual guide so he spreads the message of unconditional love to the humanity.

This is how it turned into a passion and a mission to share his knowledge about the natural medicine and the spirituality that Peru offers. The journey began on the 06th of June in 2007, to this date, PORTAL OF LIGHT has 11 years of experience of service for national and international traveler. Actually, Joel Tello is the lead of the television program TV PERÚ ESPIRITUAL SALUDABLE, you can enjoy it every Saturday from 19:00 p.m. to 20:00 p.m. on Inpecable TV and in our YouTube channel peru espiritual saludable tv.


Our clients receive a physical, energetic and spiritual healing. Also, knowledge and growth which will help in many different aspects of your life to find your mission.

Benefits for Clients in Cudsco Hotels

  • Belmond
  • Palacio del Inca
  • Hilton Garden Inn Cusco
  • Casa Andina
  • Hotel Boutique Altar Inca
  • Xima Cusco Hotel
  • San Agustin el Dorado


Our clients receive a physical, energetic and spiritual healing. Also, knowledge and growth which will help in many different aspects of your life to find your mission.

Benefits for Clients in Cusco Hotels

  • Natural Healing Center certified and insured by Cusco, Perú.
  • Personalized attention; groups with a maximum of only 10 people.
  • In every ceremony we perform live therapeutic music.
  • Medical interview with every person before ceremonies.
  • Visitor insurance through Clínica Medical Cusco (Cusco Medical Clinic) to cover all our clients.
  • Medical nurse on call for every ceremony.
  • Continuing assistance with integration after the ceremonies (by email or phone, as needed).
  • Operational staff of highly-qualified spiritual guides, Andean priests, master healers and medicine men.
  • Effective technique to heal and purify, known as Energizing Incan Meditation – channeled by our master.
  • We are part of a worldwide spiritual community.
  • Projection of social sustainability with the Andean and Amazonian communities to recover, renew and broadcast the ancestral culture of Peru.

Private ceremonies are booked 48 to 24 hours in advance and international ceremonies are booked 30 to 60 days in advance. After services are rendered, the guest can receive an itemized invoice or a proof of purchase in the form of a receipt. If the guest cancels 24 hours before services are rendered, s/he will have to pay 50% of the total value of the contracted services. If services are cancelled on the same day of the ceremony, s/he will have to pay the entire cost.

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Atoqsaykuchi 790, San Blas - Cusco (frente a la canchita de futbol San Marcos)

(+51 ) 913 009103

(+51) 980 572163

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